Glowing Wristbands

Glow in the dark silicone wristbands will be glowing effect after absorbing sunlight or lamp light. It’s an extra option for all styles, it requires the wristband to be light, as the color is lighter, the glowing effect is better. The green glowing are blue glowing are most popular ones.

UV Bracelets

UV silicone wristbands are particular and unique. Normally the wristbands are transparent. While the UV wristbands are put under the sunlight, the wristbands will change color at once. It’s widely used to test the sunshine intensity. All style could be with UV effect.

Colorfilled Wristbands

Debossed color filled silicone wristbands are widely chosen by customer, the customized logo or message looks like engraved and filled with special silicone ink. The colors of logo and text are different from the wristbands. We can not rub the logo and text or put the wristbands into water frequently as the color of ink will fade.

Debossed Bracelets

Debossed silicone wristbands, the LIVING STRONG style, is the most popular style. Customized LOGO or message is engraved/stamped on the wristband, The color of LOGO or message is same as the wristband. The logo and text can be long lasting and will not fade away.

Printed wristbands

Printed wristbands are simple and common. The custom logo and message are smoothly screen printed, and stand the same level with the wristbands. LOGO with 1 color or more colors is available

Embossed Bracelets

On the opposite of debossed style, the logo or message of the embossed wristband is raised from the surface of the wristband. It looks like 3D effect and will not fade away easily. People can wear embossed silicone wristbands for a long time with the complete logo and message.

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