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"The bracelets are fakes but they are super nice, The only thing that doesn't look right is the hologram which is instead a sticker on these. Other than that very pleased"


October 1,2018

"awesome mine's a little faded tho i got lots of compliments! goes great with my eminem shirt i ordered words look shiny :)!"


September 8,2018

"These things are really cool. The one thing I didn't like about them was that one of mine came with a decent black smudge that wouldn't come off. still there. and that the decal on them rubs off kind of quick it seemed."

conan henderson

August 29,2018

"It's a bit tight but my boyfriend loved it!"

Secret Admirer

September 25,2018

"LOVE THEM! But!l water degenerates them and they fade quickly. Three showers and it begins to fade so don't forget to remove before"

Matthew Kehrer

September 13,2018

"I used these for an adult 80's party and nobody could get them on their wrists. They would be perfect for children."


September 17,2018

"the kids that they where cool'"


September 7,2018

"Good buy for children's event"


September 15,2018

"Two bracelets, both brand new, both wrapped, both silicone,both saying 'Blessed".Came quickly in the mail.What more could be said."


August 24,2018

"Perfect. Individually wrapped. I bought these to spread MS (Multiple Sclerosis) awareness. They were much better priced than the personalized ones and serve the same purpose, since most people can't read the writing on them any way."

Mendi Blair

September 18,2018

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