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How To Order

Step 1: Go to the Order Now page and select appropriate option of your order details. Once done entering all the details, click “Add to cart” in the bottom.

Step 2: Continue through the My-cart page. Click "Pay By Paypal / Credit Card" OR “Pay Later,Just As Quote”

Step 3: Now that you on the checkout page, fill out shipping and billing address.Then click the “submit” button.


When your order quantity reaches 100pcs,We will give you 100pcs more free of charge, which is 100% exactly same as your order. Besides, we will give you another 10pcs silicone keychains with the LOGO same as your band. For example, if you need 200pcs wristbands,then you just place an order with 100pcs, because we will give another 100pcs free of charge + 10 pcs silicone keychains.

When your order quantity is lower than 100pcs, we will give you 50pcs same wristbands and 5 pcs keychains free of charge. For example, when you need 100pcs wristband totally, then you just need to place an order with 50pcs, and we will give 50pcs wristbands + 5pcs keychains free of charge.