Why the customer can buy the high quality silicone wristband from us

As we all know there are many styles of silicone wristband on the market,and there are also many silicone wristband manufacturer .It’s also because there are a lot of silicone hand ring manufacturer,so the quality of the silicone hand ring on the market is uneven.Some silicone wristband have high quality ,but the quality of some silicone bracelets is unqualified.High quality silica gel bracelet had the high temperature resistance,easy cleaning,long life,soft and comfortable and environmental protection and innocuity.In addition to these advantages,the silicone hand ring also have the advantages of not crack and not irritate the skin.It’s a real greens environmental protection ornament and it is fit for people of all ages. But if the quality of silicone bracelets is unqualified ,the silicone hand ring not only can’t be used for a long time ,but also it is harmful to the human body.So when we order silicone wristband ,we must be careful to select a regular manufacturer to buy silicone hand ring .If the customer choose us to order silicone hand ring ,we promise we can provide the best silicone hand ring for the customer .Why the customer can buy the high quality silicone wristband from us?Let us make a detailed explanation for you .

  1. We use pure silica materials to produce silica gel bracelet.High quality silicone hand ring all made of pure silica gel .And about the silicone hand ring color ,we all make the color according to the formula and then we will compare the color of silica gel with pantone card , until the color of silica gel match the pantone card ,then we will start to peoduce the silicone bracelet.So about the silicone band color ,you don’t need worry about it .
  2. Trim the edge of silicone bracelet with machine.After the silicone hand ring has been produced out ,we will use the professional machine to trim the edge of the silicone wristband ,the advantage of trim the edge of the silicone hand ring is the edge of the wristband is so smooth.However some silicone wristband manufacturer trim the edge of a hand ring by using a scissors ,the disadvantages of this way is the edge of the rubber bracelet not smooth and the work efficiency is not high.
  3. Cleaning silicone hand rings and drying before packing.When the hand ring is finished we will cleaning the silicone hand ring ,because in the production process, the bracelet will be stained with some dusts.And then we will drying it and pack it .
  4. We will have a final inspection of the product before shipment.In order to the customer can receive the high quality silicone wristband ,in addition to control the quality of the product in the production process ,we will also check the quality of the silicone wristband before shipment.

Starting from the first step of produce the silicone wristband we strictly control the quality of silicone bracelet.We only want to provide our guests with the best silicone bracelet.If the customer order custom rubber bands from us ,we believe that the guests will be satisfied with our product and come back again .