Why so many people choose silicone bracelet?

Silicone bracelet is a kind of environmental protection silicone material after toning, rubber mixing, vulcanization molding and use of a product, he feature is soft and comfortable feel, no smell characteristics of colorful, is a product of many years ago people like, is used as the adornment effect, also can be used to motivate yourself. Especially athletes like to wear this bracelet most, below for your analysis. Silicone bracelet was first appeared in athletes, athletes athletes wear such silicone bracelet on your wrist is follow the cyclist lance Armstrong, he in this coating has a color that oneself like write some rubber wristbands to motivate yourself, choose their own like of the phrase is used to cheer his game. Armstrong carefully prepared a charity activities, Armstrong at the scene of the activity to write in a variety of motivational wristband to poor children, because there are a lot of inspirational language to those poor children inspire yourself, a period of time also is called a self-help circle. Later, after a time of self-help circle to the NBA, the players with the wrist strap color mostly match game jersey on the spot, the effect is not like wristbands can play a protective role, but as a kind of incentive, a blessing their mascot wearing on themselves. After the NBA this big stage propaganda, follow by a great number of fans and businessman, produce all kinds of silicone bracelets, manufacturers are also developing try all kinds of manufacturing process, only to give the user more beautiful and more suitable for user’s silica gel hand ring, after this period the evolution of the silicone bracelet quickly occupied the global market, to the essential artifact of the silicone bracelet are games. How to identify the quality of silicone bracelet? 1. Difference in appearance and feel: the fake silicone rubber wristband is easy to deform, while the real silicone rubber will feel good resilience, and the permanent deformation is relatively small when pulled. 2. There is a matte sand surface, and the real silicone rubber will feel smoother if it is not specially treated on the surface, because there will be a layer of grease on the surface layer. 3. The surface of silicone rubber tends to stick impurities such as dust and fine hair. In addition we can also contrast: from burning off the wrist strap after fire edge is black, and really the silicone wrist band no matter what color the background is the silicone hand brought burning edge is white and burning residue as powder.Silicone bracelets can also be engraved, printed with logos for promotional gifts, business gifts, or gifts. Silicone bracelet gradually developed into a popular jewelry, deeply loved by young friends, and now the popularity has spread to the world.The silicone bracelet also incorporates cultural background, it more with a variety of group activities, brand promotion, and other sports together, a good design, a good enterprise culture can convey very profound significance.With the development of science and technology, people began to look at some of the functional materials, such as anion far-infrared, germanium, titanium, and added to the silicone bracelet in the raw materials for processing, make its have certain health care function.