Why is silica gel bracelet the best promotional gift

There are many kinds of promotional gift on the market ,such as lanyard ,refrigerator magnet,luggage tag,pvc keychians and so on .As the promotional gift ,they all have their own advantages.For example the luggage tag ,when you travel,the luggage is too large that it needs to be consignment,in order to prevent your baggage from being mixed with other people’s luggage,you can tie the baggage tag on the luggage and write your message on the card of the luggage tag.So when you arrive at your destination, you can easily find your luggage.Today the promotional gift we’ve introduced to you are not luggage tag ,also not one of the lanyard ,refrigerator magnet,pvc keychians .It is silicone wristband,and we will introduce why silicone bracelet is the best promotional gift .

  1. The price of silicone wristband is so cheap and the production cycle is short.The price of raw material of silicone hand ring is cheaper than the price of raw material of gold and silver jewelry,this leads to the price of silicone bracelet far lower than the price of gold and silver jewelry.And the other reason of the price of silicone wristband so cheap is the production cycle is short,we can provide you the one day production time + one day shipping time service.It means if you order silicone wristband from us today ,you can receive the silicone bracelet the day after tomorrow during the working day.
  2. There are many styles of silicone hand ring .Since the first silicone hand ring born in USA till now ,the style of silicone hand ring is become more and more.We can provide you the debossed colorfilled silicone hand ring ,embossed with printing silicone hand ring ,debossed without color silicone hand ring ,printed silicone hand ring and so on.The customer can select the style of silicone hand ring they like.Different style of silicone hand ring will show different effect to us ,such as the debossed colorfilled silicone hand ring,the logo and message can have different color from the band color;Printed silicone hand ring can make the logo and message have their own original color.The guest absolutely can choose a silicone hand ring that they like.
  3. The customer can show some information that they want to the silicone wristband.When we hold a product promotion,we can put the product information or company information and company logo to the silicone band .The advantage of doing this is we have given the bracelet to others as gifts and played the role of propaganda products.
  4. It is suitable for people of all ages to wear and is very popular among the crowd.Because of the silicone hand ring is so cheap and fashion that many people like to wear it .And it is suitable for people of all ages to wear.There are many size of silicone hand ring ,such as adult size ,it means this size is suitable for adult .ps:the length of this size is 202 mm.Youth size ,it means this size is suitable for the people aged 14 to 18 to wear.ps:the length of this size is 180 mm.As for the width of the bracelet,you can select 1/2 inch ,3/4 inch 1inch and so on .

After understanding this,do you have a clearer understanding of bracelet as the best promotional product?If you want to get more information about the personalized silicone bracelet,please contact us when you feel free .