something about the silicone bracelet color

Silicone bracelet is the representative of silicone jewelry . In our life, the beginning of the silicone jewelry is silicone bracelet .For the silicone bracelet ,you can choose to customized it with your own idea .The band color ,size ,style and so on ,you can choose exactly what you want .However ,about the silicone bracelet color ,how much do you know . The world’s first silicone bracelet color is yellow, people wear this silicone bracelet, mainly want to be healthy, and can resist cancer . Besides these white silicone bracelet represent against poverty ; blue silicone bracelet represent anti-bullying ; red silicone bracelet represent support for patients with heart disease . Different color silicone bracelet represents different meaning .Silicone bracelet by our favorite , not only the special meaning of its symbol, it can also play a medical, health, mosquito effect.In addition, silicone bracelet also has non-toxic, environmental protection, fashion and other characteristics .Therefore, silicone bracelet as a hot fashion jewelry ,widely used in a variety of places of entertainment, sports, and can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc.