Recognition of silicone bracelet

Appearance and feel
1 ) ” fake silicone rubber wristband is easy to deform, but real silicone rubber will feel good resilience, and the permanent deformation of pulling is relatively small”.
Explanation: it is unscientific to distinguish the hardness of silica gel materials and to determine whether they are false or not by whether they are easily deformed. The hand ring is squeezed during the delivery. after a period of squeezing, it is normal for the hand ring to change shape, but silica gel has some elasticity, so it will recover after pulling for a few times. If the hand ring which has not been deformed after being squeezed for a period of time is usually mixed with some impurities, which makes the hardness and elasticity of the hand ring lose its original function, so it will not deform. for example, after the friend who made the hand ring receives the goods, if the squeezed hand ring has no deformation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether these silicone hand ring materials have been mixed with impurities.
2 ) ” if the surface layer of silicone rubber with light splitting surface and sand surface is not specially treated, it will feel smooth by hand, because there will be a layer of greasy substance on the surface layer”.
Explanation: generally, hand rings have been sanded or polished on molds before production, so hand rings do not have a layer of grease. If the surface of the mold is not treated, the bracelet will only be rough, rather than feel smooth. the grease-like substance referred to on the internet is just the mold which is not treated and is provided with machine oil. if the bracelet is provided with a layer of grease-like substance, this bracelet is unqualified product.
3 ) ” silicone rubber surface is easy to stick dust, fine hair and other impurities”.
Explanation: silica gel bracelets are produced with environmentally-friendly silica gel and will not be produced with sticky silica gel, so bracelets are impurities such as dust and fine hair that are not easy to stick.
Combustion contrast
Fake wrist strap after fire edge is black, and really the silicone wrist band no matter what color the background is the silicone hand brought burning edge is white and burning residue as powder.
How to clean the silicone bracelet
Now tell you a simple and useful method.First put the silicone mobile phone sets of warm water soak for 3-5 minutes, then gently rub a few times, and in a cool, dry place to dry after can use.If besmirch haven’t wash, it is suggested that use detergent to clean, so that more clean luster, dry it after wash.