How to customize silicone bracelets?What is the tips to customize silicone bracelets?

When you custom the rubber bracelets, at first ,you should consider the band is use for any occasion ,and the quantity, and then determine the quantity,and according to the crowd to determine the child rubber bracelets and women rubber bracelets .The size for the rubber bracelets has  1 inch 1/2 inc[……]

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Silicone wristbands poisonous?Why we often seen many people wearing a silicone bracelet?

If you’re worried about silicone wristbands has Venomousness or not,then do not worry,because the real silicone band is made up by safe and nontoxic silicone,in some factories,because of the manufacturing process or cost of production,they will use the industrial rubber or the silicone mix up with o[……]

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What is the use of silicone bracelet and how to order

Silicone bracelet can be used in many occasions,include party ,wedding , obsequies , sports meeting ,Sales promotion , Mall activities and so on ,but more than these.Through the use of silicone bracelet can express the memory of the memory, love, surprise, preferential information and other means. S[……]

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How long will I get my customized bracelets?

Standard : 7 days for Standard production+7days for shipment.

Rush service is available.

The fastest we could offer:1day production + 1 day shipment. If your customized bracelets QTY LESS THAN 1000, we could have the wrist bands delivered within2 days at fastest.

rubber wristbands size

Perimeter: Any size between 5 INCH (130mm)and 12 INCH (300MM)is available.

Width:Any size between 1/2 INCH (6MM) and 2 INCH (50MM) is  available.

Baby :  130MM

Children: 150MM OR 160MM

Youth: 180MM

Wowan: 190MM

Adult:  202MM

Super:  210MM

The most popular width is :12MM,25MM,[……]

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Where to buy high quality wrist bands?

What is the best wrist bands?

  1. Must be made by 100% silicone:The wrist band color must be 100% same as athe the Pantone color the customer choose
  2. LOGO could last long
  3. Clear surface,smooth edge
  4. If the band is GLOW IN THE DARK, then the band need to absorb some light first.  silicon-wrist[……]

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24 hour wristbands mean what

*24 hour Online Service

*24 hours of continuous production

*finish production in 24 hours

*ship the package in 24 hours

7*24HOUR, at any time, can provide services.

What are silicone bracelets and where to buy?

Just as the name implies, the silicone bracelet is the bracelet made of silicone, which could be used in many different Different occasions, such as for celebration in party, promotion for sales, events, etc.

silicone wristbands lowest price

Where to make or buy my favorite silicone bracelets ? Come to www.silicon-wristband.[……]

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How To Place Custom Bracelets Order Online?

I want to make my own silicon bracelets, how to go?


cool silicone bracelets

First, you come to, then press the button “ORDER NOW”, and here , you could choose the bracelet style, such as the debossed silicon bracelet, printing silicon bracelet etc. , the quantity, the colors, writ[……]

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The biggest rubber bracelets company in the world

We were committed to rubber bracelets for more than ten years. All the size can be custom made.

cheap silicone bracelets

All the client can require refund if you have any discontent on our wristbands in 30days.

colored rubber bracelets

We are professional rubber bracelets factory, the maximum output can be 200,000PCS per day.