How much do you know about the printed rubber bracelet

A lot of people like to wear rubber bracelets ,because the rubber bracelet have many uses,such as you can order the rubber bracelet as a gift for your family or your friends;order rubber bracelet for advertising promotion;order rubber bracelet for charitable fundraising and so on.To make a long story short ,you can order silicone bracelet for any occasion .And the rubber bracelet also looks so beautiful ,there are many styles for you to choose ,such as debossed colorfilled rubber bracelets,embossed printed rubber bracelets,debossed rubber bracelets,printed rubber bracelets and so on.About the rubber band style ,maybe some people know something about it .For example debossed colorfilled silicone wristband ,the people know that need to produce the debossed silicone band first ,then colorfilled the ink in the message and logo ,make them have different color from the band ;Embossed printed silicone wristband ,the people know that need to produce embossed silicone band first ,then printed it.Just like the debossed colorfilled silicone band ,the embossed printed production process also can let the message and logo which on the band surface have the different color from the rubber band.But not everyone who likes wearing a silicone bracelet has a detailed understanding of the rubber band.About the printed production process ,maybe some people think just need produce the blank band and then printed the message and logo on the band surface with ink and bake it ,the printed silicone band is finished.But in fcat ,the printed production process is not so simple,now give us a chance to explain it for you .

As most people think if you order silicone wristband with printing production process from us ,we need to produce blank silicone band first .About the band color ,you can select it from the pantone card ,as long as the color from the pantone card ,we can produce the rubber bracelet of the corresponding color for you .Sometimes the customer will provide us the rgb color number or cmyk color number ,we will also translate them into pantone color.After we finish the blank band ,we should make the screen printing plate out and use it to printed the logo and message on the band surface and put the band into the oven to bake it ,normally the baking time about half an hour.About the logo and message color also from the pantone card .

Normally the customer choose to make the silicone band printed with one color,but it not means the logo and message just can printed with one color.We can printed the logo with three colors ,four colors or more,and we can also make the logo printed with cmyk production process or sublimation printing production process .These two production processes can make the customer’s logo come out more perfectly .

If you have a more complex and colorfull logo need to show on the band ,we suggest you to choose the printed production process ,this style can make your logo better displayed on the bracelet .