what do 24 hour bracelets mean?

Have you heared that 24 hour bracelets before?

24 hour bracelets means people can buy custom bracelets anytime. Nowadays many wristband companies h[……]

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100% silicon rubber custom bracelets

Silicone bracelet with environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, and good flexibility.

Advantages: wear resistance, high temperature resistanc[……]

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How to Produce Blank Silicone Bracelet

We introduced the different kinds of silicone bracelet last time.So,let’s see how do the blank silicone bracelets be produced.
First of all,we need a[……]

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What is the use of silicone bracelet and how to order

Silicone bracelet can be used in many occasions,include party ,wedding , obsequies , sports meeting ,Sales promotion , Mall activities and so on ,but[……]

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rubber wristbands size

Perimeter: Any size between 5 INCH (130mm)and 12 INCH (300MM)is available.

Width:Any size between 1/2 INCH (6MM) and 2 INCH (50MM) is  available.[……]

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The biggest rubber bracelets company in the world

We were committed to rubber bracelets for more than ten years. All the size can be custom made.

cheap silicone bracelets

All the client can require refund if you have a[……]

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