customize wrapper

As for the wrapper, We provided standard individual wrapper for your wristband to prevent them from damage caused by rubbing against each other. You could take a look at our design for standard individual wrapper at, it is made of translucent plastic materials w[……]

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your custom wristband details on cart

Information of your custom wristband will be generated a bill with order details at cart page and divides into four parts. The first part included image and name of wristband style , band size, font name ,font color ,external message style (front and back), front message ,back message, internal mess[……]

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step 3 – message on wristband

In the Step3-message on wristband,you could custom messages on your wristband.This part includes both external message and internal message .Besides messages ,there are also offered logo or clip-art available.

You could select start or end clip-art of front or back of silicone wristband.


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select color of glow or UV wristband on step two

glow or UV wristband are special style wristband . Therefor the color with both products is different from those common wristband that you could select color from PSM color chart. There are offered 8 normal color for glow wristband and provided images of glow wristband in dark, white glowed green,bl[……]

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step 2 on order wristbands

Step 2 on order- choose color ,length and quantity.

The wristband color is offered with solid, segmented, swirl, glow and UV. You could choose one color for your wristband.if you select solid ,the following color select box is displayed to selecting solid color ,width (including toddler,youth,adu[……]

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step 1 on order wristbands

How to select your custom wristband?Please go to page of “place order”,and now l am going to introduce you the step one on order a wristband. Step one-select style and width.

The wristband style is offered with 8 style, it is debossed,embossed , colorfilled ,printed, embossed printed, duai layer,[……]

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about our category

Our category listed all kind of our products , you could find every style of wristband you want in category. We offered the product model parameters,like style , size, color price with image and text. The key words above all products also do help you find the style or size you want conveniently and[……]

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About our incentives

No tax and not custom fee,

In any event , well pay all shipping charges ,No matter you live in which country all over the whole world. You don’t have to pay for any international

Shipment or customize order, just available just at

What ‘s you need to pay is total[……]

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About Extra Options You Selected

The extra options you selected in the Step 4 – Extra Options On place order page You couldselect product time,shipping time, gitter wristbands,key chain,standard individual wrapper for your customize wristband.As for product time,it costs will depend o[……]

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The home page play a important role in listed many our core productions exhibition. In our own design, place frequently used or product links where you could quickly find them. Today, core productions that we have in homepage are various:  Colorfilled  Wristbands,  Debossed  Bracelets,  Printed wris[……]

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